The Bahori Story

Bahori began its journey from humble beginnings back in October 2014; from its inception my motivation for starting and growing the Bahori environmental consulting business has always been to impact and serve clients’ businesses with commercial consciousness.  We have been serving and impacting our clients’ project life cycles; from planning to operational stages.  Our ability to help individuals, small businesses, and multinational organisations practically impact their environment with commercial consciousness has its foundations in 20 years of business and scientific involvement; way before the fields environment and science became as popular as they are today.

I have been fortunate to gain experience in the following sectors: financial lending, mining, energy, water, waste management, roads, rail, residential developments, wastewater treatment and tourism. During our journey we have successfully fulfilled the following roles: financial lender/ client relations, company policy compilation; establishing and implementing the environmental and social management system [ESMS]; ensuring sustainability specifications for project design; reviewing and compiling environmental & social management plans; stakeholder communications, operational readiness planning, reporting and environmental and social auditing.

I and the teams that I collaborate with have made it our priority to work with ‘cool clients’ on ‘cool projects’ and achieve ‘cool results’. Where we see room for improvement and setting standards, we share these with our clients. These opportunities and challenges; we execute with optimism, enthusiasm and realism to achieve our clients ’goals. No matter the size of the team (i.e., just Hylton or a collaboration with a hand-picked team), Bahori likes to engage a project from the start and assist with the vision, strategy and planning and successfully see the project through to the end.

Another of our qualities is that we form long term relations with our clients, a testimony of this is that we continue to collaborate with clients who decided to journey with us in 2014.

Bahori delivers a quality service that meets and exceeds our clients’ individual needs. We a resilient company and have journeyed with clients who have had similar challenges. Companies can deliver when times are favourable, Bahori continued to consistently provide quality client service during tough times in 2015, 2019 (unknown to many) and 2020. In all three cases we have come through the other side, grown and been able to benefit our clients with this resilient attitude and experience.

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What we know from our young journey, is that not only do we each have a role to play in the delivery of a successful project, but Bahori is respected by our clients for being genuine. We don’t shy away from bringing in other skills that we don’t have in house. This honesty ensures that we are objective. First and foremost we are stewards of the resources around us not only for our clients benefit, but for their children’s benefits. We strive, to the best of our available knowledge to assess our project deliverables unbiasedly, dispassionately and therefore critically; always helicoptering out and asking is this as good as it can be practically or can things be changed to make a better product.

Hylton’s relatively short 20-years of experience can further be enhanced to exceed 300 years by a professional network of co-collaborators. We all recognise that knowledge/ information/ data make for better decisions. We acknowledge that its better to have the knowledge and to use it than not to have that knowledge in the first place.

In our short journey we have learned to deliver. We meet our clients expectations and strive to exceed them; its all starts with the ability to GSD and deliver.

Hylton Allison


Amy Hempel said, “There’s no such thing as luck. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity”. This sums me up, I am consistently preparing for all possible opportunities. I’m either outdoors trail running or being an Environmental Scientist; adding value to my clients’ business’. My scientific and business management background allows me to work in co-operation with major organisations across Africa including fields such as energy, water, waste, mining, roads, rail, townships, tourism, agriculture, waste water treatment projects.

Bahori operates with Hylton as the founding member. The work we carry out is specialised by nature and our projects are diverse, therefore we have a number of qualified international and locally based associates who have worked alongside us for several years.

We partner with our associates to provide our clients with input in the following disciplines: environmental engineering, water management, air quality and noise, land use and soil management, sustainability reporting, terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, wetland delineation, land access and resettlement, livelihood restoration, social and human rights impacts, stakeholder engagement, independent review, strategic environmental assessment, socio-economic development, hydrology/ Integrated Water Resource Management, GIS & mapping.